Our Teachers

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

photo Tanya Parish

My name is Tanya Parish and I am a mom, an early childhood educator, and a registered Music Together®® teacher. I am so thrilled to share with you the joy and excitement that I have discovered through the Music Together Program.
Almost fifteen years ago I began working with young children in the classroom. As a teacher I traveled overseas and at one point had a classroom of 18 four year olds from various countries around the world. Of these 18 children only 4 of them spoke English as their first language and the remainder spoke their native languages. Imagine how we communicated! Music was the key! I could change the mood of the classroom by singing a song or pulling out the instruments. One of my favorite parts of the day was always our time together in circle. We would sing and dance and make music. We were all speaking the same language. It was amazing! The children were always so happy and naturally drawn to this time of day that I found it easy to search out new music and songs that went along with the cultures within our classroom community or the seasons we were in. It seemed that as long as we were making music the children were happy and the teachers were happy.
I discovered Music Together when I returned to Chico with my family. I have a 3.5 year old son and a 18 month old daughter. The idea of mixed age classes for the entire family fit well with my family structure and philosophy of child development.
In March 2011 I attended and completed the teacher workshop and became a registered Music Together teacher. During the training it was affirmed many times how developmentaly appropriate the Music Together curriculum was for children ages 0-5. What I found facinating was that I was also learning about myself and reflecting on my own personal music development. We are all musical! It is our birthright and I am so excited to help share what I have learned and continue to learn as I travel on the journey of growing Music Together Chico. The focus of our business is to bring The Joy of Family Music® making to all families with children birth through age five and the adults who love them.

  Gina Tropea

photo Kristy Cowell

Kristy has taught young children for over 40 years and brings enthusiasm and expertise to our program.  She is a professor at Butte College and teaches Child Development.  She owns and operates Sunny Garden Montessori and is also a Montessori trained teacher.